Review – Jcrobot s5 Gimbal Stabilizer

After using the gimbal for the past few months, these are my considerations.

The price is attractive and the quality in general is not bad. However, one of the clamping screws to level the smartphone is a bit difficult to tighten or loosen, as it gets stuck. The app is vey weak, there is some lag when doing live video recording and some functions do not work properly, such as panning or face tracking. The zoom button is not well located for more ergonomic use.

This is a cheaper version than a DJI gimbal but much more affordable. For comparison the Gimbal DJI Osmo Mobile 3 costs around 110€ while the Gimbal Jcrobot s5 costs 55€.

You can buy through the bangood website. This is an honest review, I do not earn commission on the product nor am I affiliated with Bangood.

Manufacturer features description:

  • Bi-directional power,worry-free battery life.
  • Polymer composite material and ergonomic structure design,lightweight and durable.
  • Built-in function of time – lapse shot,multiple filters,shooting mode,mode switching and so on.
  • Enhanced function,easy to become great director.
  • Supports Face Recognition Tracking and Object Lock Tracking functions.
  • Equipped with 1/4 nut mouth, can be freely used with various devices.
  • No need for gimbal extension, rocker lens effect can be easily achieved.
  • By the function of panoramic shooting from APP, S5 can automatically stitching the shot photos into a panorama with the software.



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