Photo bungee cable ties

DIY – Photo Bungee Cable Ties

Some call it photo whips (like the trademark Red Whips from Think Tank) but I prefer photo cable ties.

With these rubber bands it is possible to organize cables, quickly and easily, free of tangles. It allows you to attach cables to a tripod or to attach a tripod to a backpack or even a flash to a tripod that does not have a hotshoe support. Its uses are endless.

[the_ad id=”985″]Its easy to make your own custom length cord ties.


This material can be found in haberdashery shops or reusing materials from old things. In my case, I took the elastic cord of an old tent rod. The locks were recovered from clothes and backpacks that went to trash.

Cut the elastic cord in your desired lenght, join the ends and tie a knot.

Put the lock on the other side of the loop and the elastic cable organizer is ready.

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